Maintenance Dredging of Navigation Channel Turning Basin & Berthing Area of Gwadar Deep water Port.

Category: Offshore Jetties & Port Works

Client: Gawadar Port Authority

Cost Rupees: 1445.83 Million

Duration: 3 Months

The Work consisted of Maintenance Dredging of NavigationalChannel, Turning Basin and Berthing Areas of Deep Gwadar Port.Dredging work was based on Turnkey and we were responsible toachieve the design depth as per the Construction Specificationincluding checking verification of Horizontal Control Point, Benchmark and complete Survey of the area mentioned above.For the purpose of achieving the designed depth we deployedSurvey Boat, TSHD (Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger) with thecapacity of 4000 cu.m and GHD (Grap Hopper Dredger) with thecapacity of 1500 cu.m along with other Equipment required tocomplete the Dredging works.The Dredging works has been successfully completed and acceptedby Gwadar Port Authority after a third party survey was completedby Client.

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