Who We Are

What We Do.

Established in 1975 Maqbool Associates has developed into one of the prominent and leading company in Construction Industry of Pakistan. The gradual rise in status of the company is a result of meritorious efforts put in by a team of expert professionals in almost all fields of the Engineering together with the commendable guidance by the Director of the Company being themselves the Professional Engineers Maqbool Associate (Pvt) Limited, over the years acquiring incblackible experience in Construction of Roads, Building, Flyovers and Marine works as well.

Safety & Quality

Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited safety philosophy is our goal: “Incident-Free Performance.” Safety is an integral component of our planning and execution of every project and engages our clients, staff and subcontractors. Creating and maintaining a culture of safety is an ongoing process at MAL. Our programs and procedures are designed to support our culture of Incident-Free Performance.

Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited safety program is behavior-based and fully compliant with state regulations. We recognize that Incident-Free Performance relies on the attitudes and knowledge of every project participant. Our senior managers develop goals and continuously evaluate progress toward those goals. Health and safety professionals work with operations personnel throughout all phases of each project to ensure the quality and protectiveness of the project-specific safety program
The success of Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited safety program is evidenced by our Experience Modification Rate of EMR, which compares our performance to that of similar firms in the industry. Our Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) is 75 percent lower than industry average and those of our competitors. In addition to excellent overall safety statistics, Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited has never had a serious injury of fatality. Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited had a ten-fold increase in man-hours while experiencing a continuous study decline in an already low RIR, reflecting our focus on always improving safety performance. At Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited, we plan for quality at project inception and throughout the life of each project. Quality is more than a document review or a field inspection-quality permeates every aspect of our project planning, execution and closeout. Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited formal quality program is led by an independent Corporate Quality Engineer who reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer and is vested with the authority to ensure that our stringent quality procedures are invoked on each project. Our proactive approach to quality at all project phases has resulted in awards and recognition from our government and commercial clients.
Our formal quality program is embodied in Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited Quality Assurance Manual (QAM), which was prepared in accordance with recognized Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) industry standards and protocols. Implementation of our quality program and processes is through tailored, project specific QA/QC plans that are designed to meet client-specific and internal requirements. We employ a “graded approach” and ensure that the QA/QC plan for each project is detailed and relevant to each client’s needs. A key future of our program is establishing and implementing the Three-Phase Inspection System for each definable feature of work. Prior to beginning any task, it must be planned in advance in accordance with QAM and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) requirements. These requirements include preparatory Inspection, Initial Inspection and Follow-up Inspection for each definable feature of work. All “open” items are tracked through to final inspection and acceptance.
Client interviews and surveys are also conducted independently by the Corporate Quality Engineer for active project. Based on project audit results and client feedback, the Corporate Quality Engineer provides a quarterly report to senior management. All areas perceived as needing improvement are immediately addressed by senior management. This process facilitates continuing quality improvement within and across projects.
Project manager identifies and determine the work environment related to facilities, equipment and information system needed to achieve conformity to product requirements and enhance work efficiency, and may control to change, if necessary.