Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limitedis responsible for maintaining and enhancing the HSEQ awareness the HSEQawareness of all personnel including arranging regular toolbox talks. Short trainingcourses and emergency drills. It also includes job related training required by law.Client regulations and Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limitedown HSEQ policy.

Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited shall ensure that all new arrivals to the work site receive a comprehensiveHSEQ Induction briefing immediately upon arrival at the work site and before thesenew arrivals commences work and maintain its record. The induction should cover the emergency response and evacuation, escape routes and mustering, communication methods, medical and first facilities, traveling, lifting and rigging, environment and other HSEQ aspects etc.

Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited shall arrange community relations inductions for those of their new non-localemployees who will interact with the local communications.

At each work site, MaqboolAssociates Pvt. Limited will ensure that at least one person for each 25 people(Minimum No. 1) have received training on First Aid and Causality Handling, and is inpossession of valid certificates from a recognized institute. First aid box should beavailable at each work site.

At each work site, Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited ensure that at least one person for each 25 people (MinimumNo. 10 have received training on Basic Fire Fighting. Fire extinguisher should be available at each vehicle and work site.

Maqbool Associates Pvt. Limited ensure that all of its drivers / operators undergo a formal course on DefensiveDriving by a Third Party (Consult and Train or Equivalent) for Certification ofdrivers/operators competency prior to mobilization at its own cost.

At least one supervisors of each construction team shall have received hilly area search and survival training or have demonstrated competences based on experience to a level enabling them to carry out search operations or survive in the conditions appropriate to are of operations.